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Legends of Runeterra Deck Builder

Legends of Runeterra has a deck builder that allows for players to develop decks to use against their opponents. This is our deck builder that allows you to do the same without needing to be in the game. If you choose to save your deck, it will be shared with the community. From here, you can also export your deck for use in-game, or import a deck code for modifications here.

Piltover & ZaunPiltover & Zaun
ShadowislesShadow Isles
Champion TypeChampion
Follower TypeFollower
Spell TypeSpell
Champion RarityChampion
Common RarityCOMMON
Rare RarityRARE
Epic RarityEPIC
    Absorb Soul Card ImageAbyssal Eye Card ImageAcademy Prodigy Card ImageAffectionate Poro Card ImageAlpha Wildclaw Card ImageAmateur Aeronaut Card ImageAncient Crocolith Card ImageAncient Yeti Card ImageAnivia Card ImageArachnoid Horror Card ImageArachnoid Host Card ImageArachnoid Sentry Card ImageArena Battlecaster Card ImageArena Bookie Card ImageArmored Tuskrider Card ImageAshe Card ImageAssembly Bot Card ImageAstute Academic Card ImageAtrocity Card ImageAugmented Experimenter Card ImageAurok Glinthorn  Card ImageAurora Porealis Card ImageAvalanche Card ImageAvarosan Hearthguard  Card ImageAvarosan Marksman Card ImageAvarosan Outriders Card ImageAvarosan Sentry Card ImageAvarosan Trapper Card ImageBabbling Bjerg Card ImageBack Alley Barkeep Card ImageBack to Back Card ImageBarkbeast Card ImageBasilisk Rider Card ImageBattering Ram Card ImageBattle Fury Card ImageBattlesmith Card ImageBlack Market Merchant Card ImageBlack Spear Card ImageBladeBlighted Caretaker Card ImageBlinding Assault Card ImageBlood for Blood Card ImageBloodsworn Pledge Card ImageBoomcrew Rookie Card ImageBrash Gambler Card ImageBraum Card ImageBrightsteel Formation Card ImageBrightsteel Protector Card ImageBrittle Steel Card ImageBrood Awakening Card ImageBrothersBubble Bear Card ImageBull Elnuk Card ImageCaptain Farron Card ImageCatalyst of Aeons Card ImageCaught in the Cold Card ImageCaustic Cask Card ImageChain Vest Card ImageChempunk Pickpocket Card ImageChempunk Shredder Card ImageChief Mechanist Zevi Card ImageChronicler of Ruin Card ImageChum the Waters Card ImageChump Whump Card ImageCithria of Cloudfield Card ImageCithria the Bold Card ImageCitrus Courier Card ImageCitybreaker Card ImageClaws of the Dragon Card ImageCloud Drinker Card ImageClump of Whumps Card ImageCommander Ledros Card ImageConcerted Strike Card ImageConcussive Palm Card ImageCoral Creatures Card ImageCorina Veraza Card ImageCounterfeit Copies Card ImageCrackshot Corsair Card ImageCrawling Sensation Card ImageCrimson Aristocrat Card ImageCrimson Awakener Card ImageCrimson Curator Card ImageCrimson Disciple Card ImageCrowd Favorite Card ImageCulling Strike Card ImageCursed Keeper Card ImageDaring Poro Card ImageDarius Card ImageDarkwater Scourge Card ImageDawn and Dusk Card ImageDawnspeakers Card ImageDeadbloom Wanderer Card ImageDeath Lotus Card ImageDeath Mark Card ImageDeathDecimate Card ImageDecisive Maneuver Card ImageDeep Meditation Card ImageDeny Card ImageDetain Card ImageDevourer of the Depths Card ImageDouble Trouble Card ImageDouble Up Card ImageDragonDraven Card ImageDravenDreadway Deckhand Card ImageDreg Dredgers Card ImageEager Apprentice Card ImageElise Card ImageElixir of Iron Card ImageElixir of Wrath Card ImageEmber Maiden Card ImageEmerald Awakener Card ImageEminent Benefactor Card ImageEn Garde Card ImageEntreat Card ImageEthereal Remitter Card ImageEye of the Dragon Card ImageEzreal Card ImageFading Memories Card ImageFae Bladetwirler Card ImageFeral Mystic Card ImageFiora Card ImageFizz Card ImageFlame Chompers! Card ImageFlash Freeze Card ImageFlash of Brilliance Card ImageFleetfeather Tracker Card ImageFor Demacia! Card ImageFrenzied Skitterer Card ImageFresh Offerings Card ImageFunsmith Card ImageFury of the North Card ImageGangplank Card ImageGaren Card ImageGenevieve Elmheart Card ImageGet Excited! Card ImageGhost Card ImageGlimpse Beyond Card ImageGolden Crushbot Card ImageGolden Narwhal Card ImageGotcha! Card ImageGrasp of the Undying Card ImageGreathorn Companion Card ImageGreenfang Warden Card ImageGreenglade Caretaker Card ImageGreenglade Duo Card ImageGreenglade Elder Card ImageGreenglade Lookout Card ImageGrizzled Ranger Card ImageGuile Card ImageHapless Aristocrat Card ImageHarsh Winds Card ImageHaunted Relic Card ImageHealth Potion Card ImageHeart of the Fluft Card ImageHecarim Card ImageHeimerdinger Card ImageHerald of Spring Card ImageHextech Transmogulator Card ImageHired Gun Card ImageHorns of the Dragon Card ImageHouse Spider Card ImageHunting Fleet Card ImageIceborn Legacy Card ImageIcevale Archer Card ImageIcy Yeti Card ImageImperial Demolitionist Card ImageInsight of Ages Card ImageInsightful Investigator Card ImageInspiring Mentor Card ImageIntimidating Roar Card ImageIntrepid Mariner Card ImageIron Ballista Card ImageIron Harbinger Card ImageIsland Navigator Card ImageJae Medarda Card ImageJagged Butcher Card ImageJagged Taskmaster Card ImageJailbreak Card ImageJaull Hunters Card ImageJettison Card ImageJeweled Protector Card ImageJinx Card ImageJudgment Card ImageJury-Rig Card ImageKalista Card ImageKarma Card ImageKatarina Card ImageKato The Arm Card ImageKeeper of Masks Card ImageKi Guardian Card ImageKindly Tavernkeeper Card ImageKinkou Lifeblade Card ImageKinkou Wayfinder Card ImageLaurent Bladekeeper Card ImageLaurent Chevalier Card ImageLaurent Duelist Card ImageLaurent Protege Card ImageLee Sin Card ImageLegion Drummer Card ImageLegion General Card ImageLegion Grenadier Card ImageLegion Marauder Card ImageLegion Rearguard Card ImageLegion Saboteur Card ImageLegion Veteran Card ImageLonely Poro Card ImageLoyal Badgerbear Card ImageLucian Card ImageLure of the Depths Card ImageLux Card ImageMageseeker Conservator Card ImageMageseeker Inciter Card ImageMageseeker Investigator Card ImageMageseeker Persuader Card ImageMake it Rain Card ImageMaokai Card ImageMark of the Isles Card ImageMidenstokke Henchmen Card ImageMight Card ImageMighty Poro Card ImageMinah Swiftfoot Card ImageMind Meld Card ImageMinotaur Reckoner Card ImageMiss Fortune Card ImageMistMistwraith Card ImageMobilize Card ImageMonkey Idol Card ImageMore Powder! Card ImageMushroom Cloud Card ImageMystic Shot Card ImageMystifying Magician Card ImageNautilus Card ImageNavori Bladescout Card ImageNavori Conspirator Card ImageNavori Highwayman Card ImageNeverglade Collector Card ImageNimble Poro Card ImageNoxian Fervor Card ImageNoxian Guillotine Card ImageOblivious Islander Card ImageOmen Hawk Card ImageOnslaught of Shadows Card ImageOvergrown Snapvine Card ImagePack Mentality Card ImageParade Electrorig Card ImageParrrley Card ImagePatrol Wardens Card ImagePetty Officer Card ImagePhantom Prankster Card ImagePick a Card Card ImagePilfered Goods Card ImagePlayful Trickster Card ImagePlaza Guardian Card ImagePlucky Poro Card ImagePlunder Poro Card ImagePocket Aces Card ImagePool Shark Card ImagePoro Herder Card ImagePoro Snax Card ImagePossession Card ImagePrecious Pet Card ImagePrismatic Barrier Card ImageProfessor von Yipp Card ImageProgress Day! Card ImageProwling Cutthroat Card ImagePuffcap Peddler Card ImagePurify Card ImagePurrsuit of Perfection Card ImageQuinn Card ImageRadiant Guardian Card ImageRadiant Strike Card ImageRangerRavenous Butcher Card ImageRavenous Flock Card ImageRazorscale Hunter Card ImageRecall Card ImageReckless Trifarian Card ImageReckoning Card ImageRedoubled Valor Card ImageReinforcements Card ImageRelentless Pursuit Card ImageRemembrance Card ImageRen Shadowblade Card ImageRetreat Card ImageRhasa the Sunderer Card ImageRimefang Wolf Card ImageRimetusk Shaman Card ImageRiposte Card ImageRiptide Card ImageRiptide Rex Card ImageRising Spell Force Card ImageRitual of Renewal Card ImageRivershaper Card ImageRummage Card ImageRush Card ImageRuthless Raider Card ImageSalvage Card ImageSap Magic Card ImageSapling Toss Card ImageSavage Reckoner Card ImageScaled Snapper Card ImageScales of the Dragon Card ImageScarmaiden Reaver Card ImageScarmother Vrynna Card ImageScarthane Steffen Card ImageScrapdash Assembly Card ImageScrapshot Card ImageScribe of Sorrows Card ImageScuttlegeist Card ImageSejuani Card ImageSenna, Sentinel of Light Card ImageShadow Assassin Card ImageShadow Fiend Card ImageShadow Flare Card ImageShadowshift Card ImageShady Character Card ImageShared Spoils Card ImageShark Chariot Card ImageShatter Card ImageShe Who Wanders Card ImageShellshocker  Card ImageShen Card ImageSheriff Lariette Rose Card ImageShipwreck Hoarder Card ImageShiraza the Blade Card ImageShunpo Card ImageSilent Shadowseer Card ImageSilverwing Diver Card ImageSilverwing Vanguard Card ImageSingle Combat Card ImageSinister Poro Card ImageSleight of Hand Card ImageSlippery Waverider Card ImageSlotbot Card ImageSmooth Soloist Card ImageSolitary Monk Card ImageSonic Wave Card ImageSoul Shepherd Card ImageSoulgorger Card ImageSown Seeds Card ImageSparring Student Card ImageSpectral Matron Card ImageSpiritSplinter Soul Card ImageStalking Wolf Card ImageStand Alone Card ImageStand United Card ImageStarlit Seer Card ImageStatikk Shock Card ImageSteel Tempest Card ImageStirred Spirits Card ImageStrong-arm Card ImageSubpurrsible Card ImageSuccession Card ImageSuit Up! Card ImageSump Dredger Card ImageSumpsnipe Scavenger Card ImageSumpworks Map Card ImageSwain Card ImageSwiftwing Lancer Card ImageTake Heart Card ImageTall Tales Card ImageTarkaz the Tribeless Card ImageTeemo Card ImageTerror of the Tides Card ImageThe Beast Below Card ImageThe Box Card ImageThe Dreadway Card ImageThe Empyrean Card ImageThe Harrowing Card ImageThe Leviathan Card ImageThe Rekindler Card ImageThe Ruination Card ImageThe Syren Card ImageThe Tuskraider Card ImageThe Undying Card ImageThermogenic Beam Card ImageThey Who Endure Card ImageThorny Toad Card ImageThresh Card ImageTianna Crownguard Card ImageTortured Prodigy Card ImageTrail of Evidence Card ImageTransfusion Card ImageTrifarian Assessor Card ImageTrifarian Gloryseeker Card ImageTrifarian Hopeful Card ImageTrifarian Shieldbreaker Card ImageTroop of Elnuks Card ImageTrueshot Barrage Card ImageTryndamere Card ImageTwin Disciplines Card ImageTwisted Fate Card ImageUnlicensed Innovation Card ImageUnscarred Reaver Card ImageUnstable Voltician Card ImageUnyielding Spirit Card ImageUrsine Spiritwalker Card ImageUsed Cask Salesman Card ImageVanguard Bannerman Card ImageVanguard Cavalry Card ImageVanguard Defender Card ImageVanguard Firstblade Card ImageVanguard Lookout Card ImageVanguard Redeemer Card ImageVanguard Sergeant Card ImageVanguard Squire Card ImageVault Breaker Card ImageVengeance Card ImageVeteran Investigator Card ImageVi Card ImageVile Feast Card ImageVision Card ImageVladimir Card ImageWar Chefs Card ImageWardenWarmotherWarning Shot Card ImageWhirling Death Card ImageWill of Ionia Card ImageWindfarer Hatchling Card ImageWinterWithering Wail Card ImageWolfrider Card ImageWraithcaller Card ImageWyrding Stones Card ImageYasuo Card ImageYe Been Warned Card ImageYeti Yearling Card ImageYone, Windchaser Card ImageYordle Grifter Card ImageYusari Card ImageZap Sprayfin Card ImageZaunite Urchin Card ImageZed Card ImageZephyr Sage Card Image