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Legends of Runeterra FAQ

Legends of Runeterra is a card game with many systems in place. This page serves as a guide to answer all the common questions to help you may have about Legends of Runeterra.

What are wildcards?

Wildcards are cards that can be traded for a card of your choice, so long as it matches the rarity of the wildcards type. For example, a Common wildcard will let you unlock any Common card in the game at no shard cost.

What is a follower?

A follower is a type of card that is playeable in Legends of Runeterra. These cards act as units that you can attack and defend with. Champions are considered more powerful followers that have the added ability to level up.

What is the vault?

The vault is a weekly present that all players receive regardless of gameplay activity (though you do need to login to receive the loot). As you play the game and earn experience, your vault will also earn experience and level up. At the end of each week, based on how many times you leveled up the vault, you will receive more and higher quality rewards. Currently, the vault unlocks each Tuesday.

What is an elite?

An elite is a type of follower. The name comes can be confusing because of the word 'Elite', but this type of follower is simply belongs to a set of cards that belong to a specific faction.

What are shards for?

Shards are the main currency earned from playing the game. Shards can be used to purchase cards or go on Expeditions. Expeditions will cost 3000 shards. Common cards cost 100 shards, Rare cards cost 300 shards, Epic cards cost 1200 shards, and Champion cards cost 3000 shards.

What is a champion spell?

Champion spells are spells that are specifically tied to Champions. Instead of drawing the spell from your deck, the spell is obtained through means that are detailed on a Champion's card. These spells tend to be slightly more beneficial that normal spell cards.

When do quests reset?

Each day in the middle of the night (usually between 2-3 AM), one daily quest will be added to your quests log. You can have a maximum of 3 daily quests in your log at a time.

When does the vault open?

The vault currently opens on a weekly basis each Tuesday.

When does the season end?

There is no set length of a season. They are still in testing and have yet to be determined. The current season is the first season and will run through the length of the beta. Be sure to participate for end-of-season rewards (play at least 5 ranked games)!

Where do I open the starter bundle?

The starter bundle is available in the Store. It's a one-time purchase for players who haven't purchased it yet. Upon purchase, you will receieve 66 cards, 11 from each region. In each region, you'll receive 6 Common cards, 4 Rare cards, and 1 Epic card.

Where can I get wildcards?

You can get wildcards by simply playing the game. Each time you earn a chest, there's a chance for a wildcard to appear. From the weekly vault, the higher your vault level is, the higher likelihood of a higher rarity wildcard instead of a lower rariry wildcard.

Where do I open wildcards?

You can use wildcards on the Collection page when viewing cards. Any cards that you do not yet have 3 of, you can right click the card and choose to buy it with shards or a wildcard (if available). This screen will also show you your balance of wildcards.

Where are my wildcards?

If you look go to Store, you can click on Cards to be able to see how many of each wildcard you have at the top of the screen. Another way to view your wildcards is by right-clicking on a card in your collection screen that you do not yet have 3 of to view the total amount of that wildcard type remaining.

Can you sell cards?

There is, currently, no way to get rid of cards that have been obtained.

Can you play against friends?

Yes! You can play against friends on your friend list. Simply open the friends list at the top-right corner of the screen. Next to a friend (if they're online) will list a button that allows you to challenge them.

Can you get duplicates?

You can receive duplicate cards up to 3 copies of any single card. If you have 3 copies of a card and recieve a 4th copy, it will automatically perform an action based on rarity. Common cards are turned into 15 shards and Rare cards are turned into 75 shards. Epic and Champion cards are automatically rerolled into a different card of the same rarity that you don't have yet.

How do I get cards?

There are a few ways to get cards in this game. The priamry method of obtaining cards comes from regular playing of the game. As your vault levels up, you will receive more, higher quality, cards on the following Tuesday. A second method comes from playing in the Expedition where stakes are high, but so is the reward (you always receive at least 1 champion card). A third method would be spending wildcards/shards on the collection screen. A fourth would be going to the Store and seeing if there are any active Featured Items that give you cards on purchase.

How do I get expedition tokens?

Vault tokens are obtained by leveling up your vault chest to at least level 10. If your vault is at least level 10, you will receive 1 expedition token from the vault unlock on the following Tuesday. An alternative way to enter Expeditions is with 3000 shards.

How many cards are in the game?

The number of cards in the game is ever-increasing. Currently, as of 0.9.1, there are 420 cards in the game.

How do I add friends?

In the game at the top-right corner, there is a Friends icon. Clicking this will open up a window that will allow you to add friends you can play with.